Underfloor Heating


Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Surrey

Overview of our underfloor heating systems.


Eco Screeding Ltd provide an excellent service, installing liquid screed and underfloor heating systems across the UK, on a domestic and commercial level.

How is Underfloor Heating Different?

UFH covers a far larger surface area than traditional radiators using a much lower flow temperature, therefore heating the area more effectively.

Wet UFH is approximately 20% more efficient than a radiator system.

Luxurious Warmth

Research has shown that the ideal climate condition for human comfort is the warm feet and cool head system that UFH delivers, and now with the Smart Controls that are available these conditions can effectively be created all year round.

This also results in luxurious warmth that can be felt without the cold spots that are so often common with radiators.

Underfloor heating system options from Eco Screeding Ltd.System Options

Many of the UK’s leading underfloor heating suppliers have extensive system offerings but are restricted by their own products which means that they cannot always provide a solution for every eventuality.

Eco Screeding’s system, HydroFloor+, has been compiled and collated with some of the world’s best recognised manufacturers of underfloor heating and climate control manufacturers products.

The HydroFloor+ systems are consolidated, multi-manufacturer systems, designed to offer the ultimate un -restricted solutions.

With over 120 floor solutions the HydroFloor+ range is one of the most extensive offerings in UK, splitting the multiple floor systems into 5 main categories:

Bespoke – Screed – Timber – Floating – Overlay

Eco Screeding offer solutions to every floor build up and type in modern construction with HydroFloor+. All of which can include full CAD plans, installation, contract management and final commissioning.

Underfloor heating Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire & Surrey.
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